Insights To Grow Your Hedge Fund

Data and opportunities to earn new business from ultra high net worth individuals, family offices and institutions

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A Growing Database of High Net Worth Opportunities

Identify the opportunities that you need to be in front of

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Prospect anytime and anywhere. Mobile or desktop


Customize the opportunities you want to target and have them delivered daily.

Evolving Database

Our algorithms mean you always get the right data at the right time.

Team Approach

Assign prospects to your team members and win more business together.

Prospecting Process

We are the catalyst that helps your fund increase the velocity of your revenue.


The team of Odegee is your team. We succeed when you do.

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Leveraging Data To Grow

The success of your hedge fund marketing means knowing your prospects means knowing everything you can about them

It's about Quality... and Quantity

Odegee has one of the most comprehensive, detailed and informative databases that continually grows each and every day. We maintain one of the easiest, most diverse databases across the country. There is now, no reason to miss opportunities locally or nationally .

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We Strengthen Your Fundraising Process

When was the last time you looked at the way your team raised funds? There is more opportunity than ever to raise funds from the ultra high net worth and family offices. Odegee can be your process or at the least strengthen it with real-time data and information.

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A Team Built To Communicate

Customer service and communication is something we believe is what separates the good companies from the great. At any point in time, we are easily accessible and willing to answer your questions or offer any assistance. If we are not instantly available, it will be moments with a phone call or message back.

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