Money In Motion Leads

What is money in motion?

In its simplest form, money in motion is an event that generally requires an individual to take some sort of action. This can be 1 of many types of events but can be the best way to approach a prospect and for them to be receptive to your ideas. Taking this approach will provide the most upside, higher conversions and higher quality of conversations. Ultimately, this should translate into more successful wins and opportunities.

However, this idea is not new to financial services and you need to develop a concrete process to discovering these prospects in real-time. While there are ways to obtaining this information, time is of the essence and our platform is designed to deliver these in real time.

The financial advisory is becoming more competitive and direct, specific marketing is needed to gain a prospects interest. Leveraging Odegee to find money in motion, upcoming opportunities and high net worth individuals can help increase your chances of success.

What are some types of money in motion?

  • Job change or retirement (very common)
  • Sale of a business
  • Stock Option acquisition or disposition
  • Inheritance
  • Taking a company public or expiration of a lock-up period
  • Divorce or the need to split assets

In our experience, many of these individuals that have these larger liquidity events are not prepared for it. They underestimate the time and resources that are needed to accomplish such an event. These may take years to wrap up from start to finish. Advisors also tend to avoid these types of money in motion events (such as business sale) because of the time needed to stay on top of the prospect before they are able to liquidate.

Odegee Data is able to get this information to your inbox real-time so that you are able to begin marketing to these individuals quicker than your competitors can.

While this list is not exhaustive, these are the most common types of money in motion that warrant action. In most cases, these individuals do not have proper planning or advisement in which very costly mistakes are made. This is your opportunity to create a high level of value by deploying your team and process to their situation.

Behind all successful advisors is their process. This gives them the ability to scale and establish rapport faster as well as set the expectations early on. As an advisors career progresses, it is critical to maintain growth. The only item in their way is the method they use to prospect and a pipeline of individuals they tend to target.

  • Ask yourself, is your target market growing or not?
  • Determine how you build your pipeline and how much time you spend on it
  • Leverage people and capital to market for you
  • Allocate 2-3 hours a day strictly on prospecting
  • Have a pipeline of targets delivered to your email everyday
  • Have a close network of CPAs and attorneys

Money in motion targets can come from a few key sources. LinkedIn sales manager is a solid platform for job changes & anniversaries. Your center of influences (legal & accounting) can be a solid source for good opportunities as well. The biggest issue with these platforms is that they are becoming more well-known and common for advisors. By the time a notification had occurred, they will have had a dozen calls and in-mails.

Specialized data services such as Odegee crafts out a plentiful, growing (in occurrences and complexity) market that is limited to a handful of qualified advisors capable of handling them. We will be putting up daily success stories which display business wins all over the country.