There are a few things that everyone should have to do in their lives – 2 years mandatory military service and entrepreneurship. Both provide unbelievable experience, learning and mental strength that will most likely stay with you for the rest of your lives. It will make you and the people around you better. It will also give you the opportunity to have more time and freedom to help grow your children into becoming better people than we were.

“Your children will observe you and become natural leaders. They will have the opportunity to expand their minds – and the opportunities will truly become endless.”

There are few professions that are harder than the building of a business. Simply put, it’s a reflection of you and no one else. Through observation, your children will witness what you do and harness those skills for future endeavors. They will adapt those skills in everyday life and will amaze you with what they create. You will be enabled to teach your children with experiences they can see and feel versus theories from a book (helpful but not ideal). They will see you tackle problems and come up with solutions. No matter the direction they take in their lives, they will be independent and a self-starter.

Your Children Will Become Natural Leaders

Decision making has become a difficulty for most people. We tend to overthink, overreact and  fall victim to paralysis by analysis. I am a firm believer that making no decision is worse than making the wrong one. As humans, mistakes and errors are part of our DNA. There is no progress or advancement without them. Your children will observe these mistakes and you are able to turn this into an invaluable opportunity for both of you. Acknowledge the fact you made one and discuss with your child what the next steps should be to either correct it, or make a better choice next time.

Take ownership of the mistake, be accountable and do not ever blame anyone or anything outside of yourself. When you realize that you are the reason something did not go the way it should have, you will be free. Make sure your children see that you are taking ownership of the mistake and certainly not complaining about it. Keep the notion of a mistake as a positive. Let this be your guiding principal and watch them grow by leaps and bounds. They will learn to challenge normality, tradition and probably teach you a hell of a lot during the process.

They Won’t Be Afraid To Take Risks

We have heard it time and time again from parents, teachers and professors… “Get a safe job and retire after 40 years  with a pension.” This cycle has been prevalent for too long in our society. We are trained and programmed from an early age that this route will provide the most upside and security. This thinking is the reason why thousands of government workers are “in trouble” due to the 2019 shutdown. Their expenses matches their income and have no other sources of income they can fall back on. This thought process is the reason why major recessions occur, business investment dries up and people go into “cash hoarding mode.” Their lack of risk taking has led them into a place of darkness and uncertainty.

It is your duty as a father and guardian to help your children break that mindset. They will not be afraid to take chances or failing. They will understand that the failure will make them stronger, wiser and create more opportunities. They will grow faster than their peers, colleagues and teachers (hopefully even you).