This question is the reason most people do not take the plunge into business ownership even though it’s not the question people ask. There are traits I have experienced and seen in others that help guide this answer. However, the net root of this question falls under this… “am I willing to bet on myself all the way?” Will you be OK if it doesn’t work out or you fail, or you spend years of your life with nothing to show for it? Are you able to handle the stress, anxiety, depression and self-doubt that creeps into your mind like water through some cracks?

“If we can inspire or get one person motivated into making this change, then we have done our job.”

Self-doubt is a killer. It does not stop waiting for you to open that door to let it bum rush in and unleash havoc on your brain. Many times, it will Trojan Horse it’s way in through social media, past experiences, or even friends and family. It will force you to re-build that foundation of mental strength time and time again. Much of this stems from our subconscious and we don’t even know it. Entrepreneurship goes beyond all the things you thought resulted from starting a business. You know you are ready when you wake up on a daily basis feeling like your “inner voice” is going to explode out of your body.

You Know You Are Not Yourself

I want you to take a step back from what you are doing right now and look at yourself. I bet you are just going through the motions at work, getting lost in “busy work”, or trying to flee your daily bullshit through streaming videos. It is ok if you haven’t figured out all the steps to get away from the rat race but that you acknowledge you are not yourself and cannot go on this way forever. Staying on this course will kill your drive and your health (mental and physical). It is your duty to take action for you and your family.

I want you to commit to yourself today. You are the one person that can allow that voice inside of you to be unleashed or muffled by continuing the path you’re on currently. Quit pushing this shit off, smarten up and start working towards your freedom. If we can inspire or get one person motivated into making this change, then we have succeeded.