Every year, millions of humans look to the new year and begin to come up with goals for the new year. 99% of those people will give up and go back to their normal lives after a few months. There is a fundamental difference between the successful and not successful, wealthy and the poor. The successful and wealthy will create processes which become habits. This is the reason why most people fail at a new goal. They know what they want but have zero idea the steps to take or the work needed to accomplish it. For now, let’s focus on developing a process.

“Developing a process is what separates the wealthy from the poor and the successful from the rest”

The greatest thing about a process is the foundations are relatively similar and gives you the opportunity to scale very quickly. At end end of it, you will save hours, days, weeks & months of time working towards that end result. You will ultimately be able to take advantage of opportunities that your peers will be too slow or sloppy to take on. You will become more confident and look for new challenges. You will ultimately be buying back more of your time and freedom to accomplish more for you and your family. Mentally, it will relieve stress and leave you with more energy.

Determine The End Goal & Reverse Engineer It

99% of the people we mentioned above work the wrong way. The key difference in accomplishing anything goal related is to work backwards and define the steps and break it down into manageable, momentum creating activities.

Defining a goal is the easy part and you SHOULD NOT wait until a new year to make it.

Brainstorm A List

This is the easy part and it should be simple. However, I want you to sit down in a quiet or relaxing place and really think about it. Break it down to these pillars – Financial, Mental, Physical.

Think about each pillar individually and in depth. How do you picture yourself? Your investments ? The work you do? Once you have some ideas, start writing them down. Seeing them in actual handwriting will greatly boost your chances of accomplishing them. Get specific with them. For example,translate “I want to be rich” into something more specific that your brain can visualize. Example: I want to have $10,000 in investments within one years time. That means I will have to save and invest $833 per month, $208 per week, $27 per day. Focus on making that $27 per day from somewhere other than your primary job, and you will be well on your way.

Think about $10,000 per year vs $27 per day. They are the same thing, but which do you think is easier?

Continue To Break It Down

Let’s use something besides money as example. We will highlight the big points of this but I suggest looking into our e-book if you are finding this information useful. It will go into greater detail than the posts here.

Translate “I want to be fit” into something like “I want to lose 20 pounds in 4 months.

I have to lose 5 pounds per month or 1.25 per week. Of course there are many factors that you have to expand on within that such as food intake, exercise, etc. However, when you are able to detail it and visualize it, the steps within that become clearer and more obtainable.

Review These Items At Least 3x A Day

As easy as it is to create a result you want to happen, it is infinitely much easier to lose sight of it. Stay on focus by reading over the notes and goals every morning, lunchtime and right before bed. Repeat them as you doze off to sleep and let your subconscious figure out the solutions to your problems.