We have heard it from friends, family and social media – negative thoughts, news and opinions that somehow set into our subconsciousness. They stay there like gum on the button of your shoe and prevents you from taking risks. The majority of people are people pleasers. They care about the way people perceive them and aim to please everyone in the room. Out of a 100 reviews, companies will spend time and resources trying to please the 5% of the unhappy rather than making the other 95% even happier. This is a broken mindset and you need to change it through awareness and process.

“For the people that spoke negatively about your goals, how many of them have accomplished something parallel to you?”

There is a 99.9-100% chance these people have done nothing remotely close to what you are trying to accomplish. So, why do we care or let those negative thoughts bubble up in your subconscious?

As humans, we are programmed to avoid risk and avoid situations that may threaten us. It is something that has been passed down since the beginning of man. It is the one character trait that is impossible to rid of or change. The only option you have is acknowledging and recognizing it and refusing it by saying “I acknowledge that feeling but it does align with my goals and processes. The more you repeat this (took me about a week), the quicker you quickly put these negative thoughts into a submissive chokehold.

Negative Thoughts Are Like A Lit Fuse

Stemming from self-doubt and questioning, we sometimes challenge our own abilities. One negative thought is similar to a rotten fruit -watch out or it will spoil the whole crop. Negative thoughts begin to chain link until it blows into compelte self-destruction. Your goal is to acknowledge that fuse is let and cut it off with the method above. I suggest you take a look at our book to continue to dive deeper into ways to stop that fuse dead in its tracks even sooner.

Look For Criticism, Not Opinion

Talk to a successful individual versus one that is not. Explain to them what you are aiming to do and just check out their reaction and follow up statement. Generally speaking, the non-entrepreneurial or timid will slam your enthusiasm and drive.  The successful and curious will ask questions and try to find out as much as they can. These people are the ones you want to surround yourself with as they will help plug up the holes in your plan that you may be blind too.