Accountability, we have heard it from birth. Accountable to your teachers, your schoolwork, your parents, your job and your boss. How often have you heard the term “be accountable to yourself”? Out of all the entrepreneurs, fathers and employees I have interviewed, very few have heard it. I want you to begin becoming accountable to you, your health, mind and body. Begin to master this craft and people will be attracted to your personality.

“When you realize that the results are because of your actions and no one else, you become free and incredibly powerful”

There are some topics that are rarely discussed in the education system which result in us having to backtrack to make up for lost education. Money, psychology, debt and sales are seldom discussed by teachers and even our parents. This is a wake up call to start these conversations early with your children. They will be better off for it in the future. Not knowing these subjects drive self-accountability away and towards a poor person mindset.

What Does It Mean To Be Accountable To Yourself?

You have came here because you realize that you are not where you should be. You know that you need to make changes and need to figure out where to start. Being that you are here and reading this makes me believe you have the knowledge, sophistication, hunger and desire to make those changes. Refocusing your energy, leveraging money and getting your time back will propel you forward into a better position.

You deserve to make yourself a better person through education, travel and exercise. The best way to get you right is to work on the most powerful muscle you possess, your mind. Your subconscious plays a larger part than many people realize. It is the equivalent of riding a large elephant. Full of distractions, wondering and pulling in different ways not in line with your direction results in you ending up in a place and position you never thought you would be.

What To Do

This answer cannot possibly be answered in one article. Firstly, you need to take a step back and realize that your path and position is not acceptable to where you are. You must repeat this, acknowledge it and create a path. This (or something similar) needs to be your motivation to train your body and mind to be accountable. If you do not have a powerful, burning reason that eats away at you on a daily  basis or when you wake up in the morning, you are not ready to change or dedicate accountability to yourself.