We have all been there. Our surroundings can overpower us like a strong wave in the ocean when you’re not looking. No matter how strong we think we are, we allow outside influence to over power our self-control. This is a reminder that you are always in control of you.  Whenever you feel that your work, your family, friends, or health is causing friction with the person you are or want to be, you have the ability to change its course.

“When things spiral the wrong way, remember you are always in control of you”

For a father on the entrepreneur journey, it took be until the age of 30 to get control back into my life. It is hard to digest that you are where you are, because of you. The next thought should be 1 of 2 thoughts, you blame the world around you or you take accountability of that and begin the road to becoming the person you desire. As humans, it is programmed in our DNA to improve and better ourselves. With all the resources available at little to no cost, there is no excuse for not learning something new everyday. You dont need a new year to make a set of goals that will end up collect dust after the new years rush is over. I suggest reading the article on how to create good habits and stick to them.

Determine What You Think The Cause Is

Being a dad, husband and entrepreneur shifts the feeling of control from one extreme to another. One day you feel that everything is under your control, humming nicely and clicking. Another day you are being whisked around by the riptide of the world.  Training your mind and subconscious to identify these causes time and time again will allow you to react passively.

Most to all situations that occur which “forcefully” knock the balance of your control can be fixed quickly or even prevented through proper mindset training. Much of that particular loss of control is also contributed towards letting outside voices, news, social media and opinions start a fuse of negative thoughts.

Determine The Course Of Action

Process, process, process. The best part of developing a process is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Modeling and adapting a process behind any undertaking is key to maximizing your time, reducing stress and tackling larger problems. These larger problems generally result in larger paychecks, commissions, opportunities and responsibilities. Traditional thinkers will tell you that you will need to go to college, get a new degree, take a night class… Frankly, this is bullshit. Dig into our article on outsourcing to leverage your time. Udemy provides some great pieces on just about everything for $20 or so.